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Our Technology Platform

Training Paddock is on a mission to develop an industry leading technology platform that will progressively transform skills based employment in Australia. We are developing a software that represents a fundamental shift away from paper based skill tracking. Training paddock ensures employees are building lifelong training records that can never be lost or misplaced. In return, employers get maintenance free record keeping to support their compliance, improve safety profiles and increase production efficiencies.  

Credential Risk Management Platform

Our CRMP solution makes it easy and affordable for companies of all sizes to manage employee credentials. The businesses are linked into each employee and can access a comprehensive database of their employee's training and skill development.

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The SkillsMap Solution

Our ground breaking SkillsMap & Resume solution creates personalised skills based career pathways at scale. Currently in Agriculture, we are working to make it across multiple industries.

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Where we are heading

We have a clear vision of how we are going to transform skills based careers in Australia and will progressively roll out new exciting capabilities on our platform.

Credentials and Skills Mapping

  • Agri focused 
  • Prototype

Credentials Management Platform

  • Credentials focused 
  • Enterprise grade platform

Credentials & SkillsMap​

Coming soon

  • Merging Credentials and Skills Mapping 
  • Enterprise grade platform extensions

International and Industry Risk

Coming soon

  • Multi Country capability 
  • Advanced Industry Risk Reporting capability

Our Partners

We have built significant industry partnerships that will help us realise our vision.

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We are always looking for new partnerships, if you think we could be a good fit.

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Testimonials from our clients & partners

In the press

We are a team of passionate Agri-specialists that strive to make a difference. Agriculture is an important industry in Australia and around the world. We produce the safest and environmentally 

How drought-affected rural communities are rising up

This is a great place to let your visitors know who you are.

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Farmer to Founders

Farmers2Founders participant Training Paddock looks to revolutionise employment.

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Agtech start-up plugs gaps in skills visibility

An Australian start-up has devised a technology platform to help agricultural employers...

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Our Founders

We are a team of passionate Agri-specialists that strive to make a difference. Agriculture is an important industry in Australia and around the world. We produce the safest and environmentally conscious products to be enjoyed by everyone and we do this in a challenging environment. Below is a little more about each of the founding team members:

Ashley Miles

When I look back, it is easy to see the natural progression into farming that my life has taken. My journey in life has taken many turns but I have always had one hand on the heart-beat of the land. I have now come full circle, creating something to help develop the people that choose to call this industry home. I am driven to change the industry for the better because . it is more than just land, crops or animals, it is the future of this nation & the world

Jarryd Rae

I left school before year 12, knowing that i belonged on the land. I am a farmer, but i don't work a day in my life because i love what i do. I am passionate about our industry and know we can rely on it to be resilient and sustainable for many generations to come. It's gives you an amazing kick to know you grow something from nothing, fix things that don't work and gently leave a legacy in a never-ending industry.

Sophie Cook

I returned home to a small country town without a second thought. In a time when there are often too many options, Agriculture is one of the most healthy, the most useful and most rewarding employment options to engage in. My time in the paddock has taught me that the future belongs to the few that are willing to get their hands dirty. I’m one of those “get your hands dirty” people.